The world of music

As I listen to the two new Kanye West tracks from his upcoming album and Daft Punk's stream of Random Access Memories, I couldn't be more pumped for an entire summer of music. The words, "Music Can Change the World", have been stuck in my head for at least a month but I can't remember where exactly I heard it. It is even more interesting that Kanye and Daft Punk have worked together and are reportedly working together for this 'Yeezus' album to be released next month. These two seemingly disperate artists are intertwined and continually push the limits for their "genres". 

I don't think there is any cooler or emotional experience than having a favorite artist grow in parallel with you as an individual. I can remember becoming a Kanye fan over a decade ago where my entire life, environment and everything barely even resembles what it is now.

But that's sort of what true music is all about. Becoming so in tune with your musical craft and your expression that it just oozes emotion. Connecting to the lyrics because it is such a universal thought that you can relate immediately. To me I'm still amazed at how I sort of hear past the parts that I don't relate to in terms of literal words during a track and almost am taking back to the reason I've connected with this type of music in the first place. Like when I was just a teenager playing sports with what seems like a mindset totally foreign to my present self yet by listening to new Kanye music I can be transported back across time, space and emotion. 

And for whoever coined or first uttered, 'Music Can Save the World', I have to believe in some way it can. From listening to charged Kanye music, to Daft Punk's amazingly subtle and peaceful songs to hearing new forms of music that I can't even characterize it all just exemplifies the human condition of emotions. We all have them in their multitude of spectrums and want each other to understand, connect and share these moments.